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Parent Volunteer Association (PVA)

The Grapeview Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) functions as an advisory body to the principal /vice-principal and, on occasion, to the Board. The council provides input on a variety of issues and reflects the school community in composition and function. Meetings are held every second month at 6:00 pm, in the school library. Early in September a newsletter will be sent home with our students asking if you would like to become or continue to be a member of our School Council.

To inquire about becoming a member of our school council, please call Grapeview Public School at (905) 984-5517, or send us an email.

Parent Volunteer Association Elected Members for 2022-2023:

Chair: A. Ware

Secretary: V. Taylor

Treasurer: R. Futers


Grapeview Parent Volunteer Association Minutes - Oct. 25, 2022