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Message From the Principal

and Vice Principal


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year, Gryphons!

On behalf of the staff here at Grapeview, we would like to welcome all of our new and returning Gryphons to the 2023-2024 school year, a new year filled with wonderful possibilities. We are so excited to be embarking on this learning journey with your children and expect this year to be full of new learnings, new experiences, new opportunities, and new friendships.

As a staff community we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all of our students. This year Ms. Marchand will be taking on the role of teacher librarian with a focus on Equity Literacy, particularly in the primary grades. Ms. Marchand, Ms. Wink, Mrs. Sayers, Mrs. Contois, and Ms. Moniz will also continue to engage students in leadership in this area through participation in our Grapeview Equity Organization (GEO). If this is something your child is interested in being a part of, please have them connect with one of these educators. We will ensure our Quiet- Meditation Multi-Faith Prayer Room is available for staff and student use again this year, and Mrs. Ali and Mrs. Alyas will continue to lead prayer each day for those who participate.

Grapeview is an amazing school. Please do not hesitate to connect with us to share an idea or a concern. Our partnership is essential to our continued growth here at Grapeview.

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Libera and Mr. Penner

Your Grapeview Administrative Team