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School Advisory Council (SAC)

The Grapeview School Advisory Council (SAC) functions as an advisory body to the principal /vice-principal and, on occasion, to the Board. The council provides input on a variety of issues and reflects the school community in composition and function. Meetings are held every second month at 6:00 pm, in the school library. Early in September a newsletter will be sent home with our students asking if you would like to become or continue to be a member of our School Council.

To inquire about becoming a member of our school council, please call Grapeview Public School at (905) 984-5517, or send us an email.

2019-2020 Grapeview School Advisory Council:

Co-Chairs: Taylor Glover and Tulsi Raghubir

Treasurers: Karen Chcoski

Secretaries: Ellen Vanderwal


Tulsie Raghubir-Mamouzellos, Sakis Mamouzellos, Heather Sim, Renita Wiebe, Uzma Sarmour, Sarah VanVliet, Andrew

Ware, Valerie Taylor, Sarah Digweed, Uzma Sarwer, Cindy Anderson


Grapeview School Advisory Council Minutes Sept 24

Grapeview School Advisory Council Minutes Nov. 5

Grapeview School Advisory Council Minutes January 28