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School Council

The Grapeview School Council functions as an advisory body to the principal /vice-principal and, on occasion, to the Board. The council provides input on a variety of issues and reflects the school community in composition and function. Meetings are held every second month at 6:00 pm, in the school library. Early in September a newsletter will be sent home with our students asking if you would like to become or continue to be a member of our School Council.

To inquire about becoming a member of our school council, please call Grapeview Public School at (905) 984-5517, or send us an email.

School Council Minutes

Grapeview School Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

-Approval of agenda

-Discussion of meeting dates

-Mrs. Fehrman outlined the makeup of the school: 400+ students, which is a higher enrollment than expected. However, the increase in student enrollment falls in the older grades, while JK/SK enrollment was less than expected, causing a loss of one kindergarten teacher.

-Mrs. Fehrman ran through the staff names and grades (available on the Grapeview School website).

-Mrs. Fehrman shared that the start to the school had been positive: the vendor fair/meet the teacher night, participation in the parade, grad hoodies and spirit wear available for order, and magazine fundraiser kickoff. The recent ban on cell phones has been successful; students are interacting during the nutrition breaks and participating in class.

-Karen asked if the magazine fundraiser generated substantial profits--it brings in a couple thousand dollars for the school but is very easy for school staff to run, as QSP facilitates the fundraiser.

-Final deposit from the vendor fair will be shared at the next meeting. Mrs. Rupcic and Mrs. Bingham will get feedback from vendors.

-Grapeview choir will be singing the national anthem at the Ice Dogs game on October, 21st, which is also autism awareness night. The primary choir time is embedded in the timetable. Mrs. Wallace will invite other students to join. Practices will be during nutrition breaks. Niagara Ice Dogs have given the school free tickets. Mrs. Fehrman and Ms.Veld are using them as prizes for thought of the week draw, to help promote a sense of school community.

-This year at Grapeview students in grades 5-8 had to apply for jobs (library helpers, milk delivery, school sign, etc), which helped them recognize their commitment and allow them a chance to give back to the school community.

-Discussion of the need for playground repair. Swings are an immediate need, but there will be an inevitable need for additional repairs. As of now, about $10 000 is help in-trust at the Board. Karen suggested a partnership with the City of St. Catharines for future repairs, as 25%of the original budget came from the City. Karen offered to approach Mat Siscoe (city councillor) to ask how to ask for City involvement.

-Taylor may be able to help with mulch for the kindergarten outdoor playground and texture walkway.

-Karen explained the role of the chair, treasurer and secretary. During the 2017/2018 school year, Taylor Glover will fill the role of chair, Karen Chcoski will act as treasurer, and Ellen Vanderwal will be the secretary.

-Discussion of possible fundraising ideas: dance-a-thon, pasta dinner, movie night. In the past, Parent Council raised around the $3000 mark from both the dance-a-thon and the pasta dinner.

-Movie night is cost efficient, but would require a Board licensed movie. Discussion of having a movie night in December as a community building event.

-Next meeting date is Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Ms. Veld to look into child-minding for the next meeting.



School Council Dates

Tuesday, November 28, 2017