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Code of Conduct

In compliance with the Ministry of Education Violence-Free Schools Policy, the District School Board of Niagara and Grapeview Public School, we promote a safe environment for the school community. Our Code of Conduct has been adopted by all members of the school community, staff, students and parents in order to promote an environment that is safe, encourages learning and gives all students an equal opportunity to learn. Contents of the document are reviewed annually. It is supportive of the direction provided by the Ministry in their publication Ontario Schools Code of Conduct. The DSBN encourages the whole community to play an active role in ensuring safe and secure conditions within our school. Revisions may be made annually.

It is recognized that the District School Board of Niagara has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that an effective learning environment exists for all students and to assist students to know their rights and to carry out their responsibilities in developing as mature and responsible citizens. However, it is the function of the family and the student to be responsible for appropriate behaviour. Individuals have a right to be educated in an environment where the qualities of mutual respect and commitment to purpose are important. Students who behave inappropriately and impede the rights of others shall accept the consequences of their unacceptable behaviour.

Board Policy on Philosophy and Approach on Discipline
In light of the foregoing Board Policy and in an attempt to develop in children a sense of personal responsibility and self discipline, our expectations regarding appropriate behaviour are based on the following basic values:
1) We believe that everyone at Grapeview Public School has the right to be safe and to feel safe.
2) We believe that everyone at Grapeview Public School has the right to be respected and to have their property respected.
3) We believe that everyone at Grapeview has the right to learn.